Travellers ask us many times this question while they are planning their trip to Cusco, it is a key question because it can affect your trip, here we give you useful information and also our recommendation as to which is the best time of the year to travel to Cusco.

First thing is to define if you will visit onle Cusco or Cusco and other cities of Peru. This is an important question because agood month to visit Cusco might not be a great time to visit Lima. Summer in Peru is between the months of January and March and winter takes place between June and September. In the coast the winter is not so cold, temperature drops to 14C°, but the humidity level is very high.

The highlands (Cusco) is a completely different scenario, during summer it is less cold but is the rainy season and this impacts tourism. For example, the Inca Trails go into maintanance during February, the trip to Machu Picchu also changes, travellers have to ride both a bus and the train to get to Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu town) because parts of the railroads are closed too. It is also important to note that Cusco is a museum city, most of its tourist attractions are outdoors so visitng during the rainy season can seariously affect your experience.

Our recommendation, visit Cusco during the months of April-May and October-December, during these months the weather is ideal, not only for visiting Cusco and other cities in the highlands such as Arequipa or Puno, it is also a good time if you are visiting Lima. During these months less people visit so the attractions are not so packed, less lines and also you might get special prices.

The key thing is that you visit Cusco, you can explore our beautiful city and discover the magic that Cusco and its people has to offer. Visit our website and book your next stay enjoying special prices and exclusive perks.


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