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How to explore de Huaypo Lagoon

Cusco is a city known for having different sides to it, its impressive natural resources is one of those facets of Cusco, and it is one of the favourites for people visiting the Imperial City. Nearby the city different natural gems are hidden, one such gem is the Huaypo lagoon. We decided to take a day off from our day to day responsibilities and left our boutique accommodation Atoq San Blas to discover Huaypo, we invite you to get to know more about this lagoon, the different activities available there. Don’t forget to share our post!

This lagoon is located in the district of Eqqecco, near Chinchero only 44kms away from Cusco and lays 3500 meters above sea level it is very easy to access it from Atoq San Blas. There are different ways to get to the lagoon, either by car or bus and walking but the road is paved all the way. The best months to visit this lagoon is after the rainy season because then the fields are filled with beautiful shades of green and the lagoons has great cristal blue colours. This lagoon is home of different kinds of birds and fishes and its waters are quiet calm which makes it ideal for some water sports such as kayaking or paddle boarding, at a distance visitors can observe different mountains such as Verónica, Salcantay or Soray making the sight breathtaking.

There are different ways to explore this lagoon and here we share some ways to do so. Kantu Tour Peru tour operator offers a tour by which travellers are picked at Atoq San Blas and they take a ride in a quad-bike and visit the “sister lagoons” which are Huaypo and Piuray. This tour also takes travellers to near by areas and little towns, this doesn’t include getting into the lagoon but because of the ride its a tour for the speed lovers and adventurous. Peru Eco Expeditions offers a day tour by which the participants can su SUP (paddle) in the lagoon, they provide all the equipment, also there is the option of including a beautiful lunch at the shore of the lagoon after exploring the lagoon in the paddle boards. Besides visiting the lagoon this tour takes you to little towns that are filled with tradition and also visits Maras and Moray. If you are into sailing then the experience brought by Amazonas Explorer is perfect for you. Their tour allows you to sail in the lagoon using a SmartKat, a small catamaran suited for 2 people, they provide all the equipment necessary.

If however you want to visit the lagoon without any tour you can always go there by car/taxi and explore on your own, on the shores of the lagoon there are some basic installations were you can have a picnic, take in the view or even practice some yoga.

There are many ways to explore the Haypo lagoon and the staff at Atoq San Blas will be happy to help you plan your perfect day. The people living around the lagoon live a tranquil life and are very kind and ready to help visitors. We invite you to visit this lagoon at the feet of the mountains and to share our post so that more people can get to know this amazing place.

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