Atoq Hoteles

In 2018, after many years of hard work, planning, and perseverance Atoq Hotels were born. We are a family owned company, that has developed a brand to represent the trust, illusion, and passion that we have for hospitality, tourism, and Peru.

Our purpose is to accompany our guests during their journey and to be an important part of their days in Peru by giving them a secure and comfortable place to stay while exploring the wonders of this magical country. We accomplish this, by taking care of the little details and offering unique and beautiful destinations which allow our guests to feel at home.

Our brand looks to provide guests with intimate stays in small properties with personalized service. This allows our guests to enjoy the Atoq Experience from the moment they make their reservation all the way to the end of their visit.

In 2018 we fulfilled our dream of opening our first property in Cusco, and in 2023 we include in our portfolio Atoq Paracas Reserva. A unique property, located in front of the sea, with warm and modern architecture that provides guests with the quality and lovely experience that have come to mean Atoq.

At Atoq Hotels, we have a commitment to tourism in Peru and we will continue to bet, with resilience and passion for what we do, and strive to give the best experience possible for Peruvians and foreign travelers that visit our country.

Welcome everyone to Atoq!

“It’s a really lovely hotel. The attention in every way is amazing and the staff is warm, friendly, and helpful, breakfast is healthy and delicious.”

Atoq San Blas


Atoq Paracas Reserva