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How to visit the Humantay Lake

A while ago we ask our followers if they knew Humantay Lake, to our surprise more than 80% answered that they didn´t know this amazing place located just a few hours from Cusco. In this post, we share a lot of information about how to visit Humantay Lake, we even share a couple of names and links to agencies that we know have great day tours to this beautiful destination so that you can add it to your next trip to Cusco.

Let us begin by sharing some basic information, Humantay lake is located near the Ausangate mountain in the district of Mollepata, some 4200 meters above sea level, and is considered a hike with a medium level of difficulty. You should know that in case you are not the most avid walker you can also choose to rent a horse and ride almost all the way up to the lake.

For this day tour all agencies will pick you up at Atoq San Blas, early in the morning between 3-4:30 am and you will begin a 3-hour drive approximately in private transportation, the exact duration of the drive depends on where you stop for breakfast. Look at our guide of all the things that you should not forget for your day tour to Humantay lake.

Our friends from Exploor offer a day tour to Humantay lake that has two advantages that we can think of. The first one is that they work with small groups, up to 8 passengers. This allows travelers to have a more personalized service, a better experience and to be able to do things at your own rhythm. Nowadays when we try to avoid big crowds this can be a great option to visit beautiful places but do it in a way that makes you feel safe. The second great thing about the tour with Exploor is that they pick you up around 3:30 am, really early, but this means that you arrive at the lake before everyone else and so you can have the lake just for yourself and get amazing pictures.

Another option to visit the lake is 5 Rutas, they stop in the small town of Mollepata for breakfast and pick up guests around 4:45 am. They can be a great option if you are just beginning to plan your trip to Cusco and want someone to take care of everything. Here you can see a video about the day tour that 5 Rutas does to Humantay Lake and get to know a bit more about the experience. They have full packages for Cusco, so that you can organize your whole trip with them and also have tours in other cities of Peru, so it can be a great option fi you do not want to plan every detail of your trip.

Lastly, but now least, our friends from Cusco Inside. Their tour stops at Soraypata for breakfast and lunch, they leave Cusco around the same time as 5 Rutas. Cusco Inside has very good prices as they work with bigger groups but still offer a great service with experienced guides, they also have the option of a private tour. Something interesting and that we like a lot about Cusco Inside is that with them you get the chance to make an offering to the Apus (sacred mountains), this is a great way to give thanks and connect with nature.

Something you must have in mind is that all agencies offer tours with guides that speak English. The most important thing is that you visit this beautiful and peaceful place, it is filled with energy, amazing scenery, and nature’s beauty at its highest. We highly recommend you make time to visit this lake, walking up early will be worth it.